The Orient School’s philosophy towards curriculum is to build upon previous knowledge in order to understand.


Language Arts Program – Spalding 

We achieve success in reading, spelling and writing thanks to the Spalding Method.

Spalding is a research-based method with embedded “best practices” instructional strategies.  It allows for individualized learning and flexibility in student ability groupings. Young readers and struggling students are afforded the consistency in instruction, re-teaching, tutoring and parent training all with the same method.

Math Program – Saxon

Saxon math lessons are aligned with the common core standards and engage students in a sequence of learning math concepts that are delivered in a multi sensory way.  All lessons build upon each other for a holistic understanding.

Orient is a Core Knowledge School

The Core Knowledge program delivers content subject matter in a cycle and integrates Science, Social Studies, Literature, Music and Art into all content areas.

The WSAC grant allows for weekly lessons in art, music, theater, and pottery.  Teaching Artist Trainers work alongside the regular classroom teacher to expand knowledge in the content areas being studied.


Fresh fruit and vegetable snacks are served daily to our students along with WSU food sense instruction and outdoor physical activities are important to our mission.


Technology upgrades include the use of interactive Smartboard technology use to enhance presentations and instruction. Students are engaged in searching for information, video projects, assessments, keyboarding, and more.