Kindergarten Readiness

What do teachers want your child to know when he enters kindergarten? Some of the things I would like my students to know coming into kindergarten are identification of letter names and some sounds, recognition of numbers 1-10, the ability to write and recognize their names, recognition of basic colors and shapes, and the ability to cut with scissors. It is also very important for each child to... Read more

Four Reasons to Read with Your Child

When I was a child, my father had to take several business trips each year to field test the products he designed. When he returned, my sisters and I would gather around as he opened his suitcase because we knew he had brought us back a gift - a book for each of us. It wasn’t until I became a teacher and a parent myself that I realized that beyond those pages bound in pressed cardboard was a... Read more

Helping Children Achieve Success in School

Every day my students spend approximately seven hours at school. During those seven hours I teach content, model behaviors and attitudes, referee disagreements, and establish routines to facilitate learning. When students leave my classroom for the day, they leave my sphere of influence. The important thing to note is that my sphere is not separate from a parent's sphere. It is encompassed... Read more

“Yet”- you can be sure!

I have participated in many fields of employment in my life so far.  These include archaeology, phlebotomy and a scad of constructions jobs. But truthfully, none has taught me more about myself and my own ability to learn than working as a para-educator. There are as many aspects to being a great para-educator in a small, intimate school as there are positions in the school building and this... Read more