Supply List

Orient Elementary School

Kindergarten-Fourth Grade

Supply List 2014-2015



-Gym shoes (non-marking)

-#2 six-sided pencils (at least 3 dozen)

I highly recommend Dixon Ticonderoga, as they sharpen well and last longer.  I also recommend purchasing extra pencils now, when they are on sale.


-Blunt-tipped student scissors

-Plastic pencil box (small)

-Box of 24 crayons

-Small water bottle with a lid (no straws or open cups)

-Snack (1 large box) to share with the class- pretzels, graham crackers, gold fish crackers, etc.


*Please put your child’s name on each item.

*All supplies will be stored at school, to be used throughout the year.

*No need to bring extra items, as our space is limited.  Folders, notebooks, and other materials will be supplied for the children to use.